Ayo Ajak Keluarga Kamu Seru-Seruan di Family Movie Time


Enjoy your family time with watching movies at CGV Grand Indonesia, Mall of Indonesia, Green Pramuka Square, Central Park, Teraskota, Paris Van Java Bandung, & Hartono Mall Yogyakarta. This week, the movie that will be showing is TOTORO.

When: Saturday & Sunday

Venue: CGV Grand Indonesia Jakarta, Green Pramuka Square Jakarta, Mall Of Indonesia Jakarta, Central Park Jakarta, Teraskota Tangerang, Paris Van Java Bandung, & Hartono Mall Yogyakarta

Click for more detail schedule:
Saturday, 6th May 2017
Sunday, 7th May 2017

The rules for Family Movie Time:

  • Kids and crying babies are welcome
  • Brighter lighting
  • Lower sound
  • Stroller parking area and child booster
  • Kids are safe to make a noise

Enjoy the Family Movie Time!